IT Logistic Solution

In industrial plants, the eLisa suite provides a link between the industrial area (electronic equipment in the field) and the backoffice (the order processing system).

eLisa is therefore required to implement various interfaces to external systems.


Interfaces with ERP systems


Commercial shipments in eLisa hold various information, such as:

  • the carrier chartered for shipment
  • the destination of the order (customer, country, mode of transport)
  • the product to ship (product, quantity, location, ADR specifications, etc.)
  • special instructions (instructions for delivery, imposed weight requirement, specific batch)

All this information, which often exists in a centralized ERP, can be integrated in eLisa via electronic data exchange.

  • Standard ERP: SAP
  • Specific ERP : Loplan (VOS) & ALS (Yara)
  • Protime (personnel management)


Interfaces with access control systems

With eLisa managing the truck traffic in the plant, a specific module can easily communicate all site entries and exits to a centralized access control system.

The access control can operate in several different ways:

  • Direct connexion with access control terminals: eLisa communicates with the terminals et decides if the barrier opens or stays closed.
  • Offline mode: eLisa transmits badges autorisations to a centralized access control system

Among the systems already interfaced by eLisa, are:

  • Honeywell
  • Siemens
  • Kaba Exos
  • Differents types of badges: Stid, Mifare, EM4550, HID

Interfaces with electronic equipment

  • Weighing bridges
    • Schenck
    • Precia Molen
    • Widra
    • Balancia
    • Sartorius
  • Displays
  • Traffic lights
  • Automatic gates
  • Loading terminals
    • Standard: Modbus, OPC & Scada (Wincc)
    • Custom interfaces on demand
  • Camera systems